Minot, North Dakota

In December 2010, the estimated population was 44,154.  Today, that estimate is upwards of 60,000.  This number is purely speculation, as there are many workers living in man camps, RV’s and other temperary structures.

“In three years time, Minot has seen a typical decade’s worth of capital investment and growth”.

This is the first paragraph of the Minot Area Development Corporation’s on-line News Letter.  This informative overview shows the tremendous capital investment that is currently happening in Minot.

Some of these new investment opportunities include:

  • $95 million – 36-block “Imagine Minot” project including residential and commercial mixed use.
  • $109 million – Southgate Crossing development in south Minot near the Dakota Square with shopping, recreation space, apartments, hotels and retail.
  • $300 million – Great Plains Energy Park
  • $400 million – First master-planned family-oriented community development including single-family homes, retail and office development.
  • $100 million – North Hill development with the largest grocery store in Minot, including retail, residential and commercial space.
  • $75 million – Minot International Airport expansion.
  • $300 million – Port of North Dakota providing 3,200 acres in Minot with 45 miles of track.